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Burnout sent me an invoice! OUCH!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Dear Leah, read a letter attached to the invoice, please find my charges applied to your mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing. You do not need to take any action, I have already charged you a premium*.

Taking a minute to take stock of my life and how much of it was being impacted by workaholism and the burnout that followed it consistently, was a wake-up call that pushed me into taking action and working hard not so much on my business and wealth-building, but on my personal life and health recovery.

Bin Burnout

The slow poison...

The issue with the workaholism and burnout experience is that it is a slow and progressive poison that works its way through your system in a smart, methodical way - stealing more and more from you - billing you premiums for months, even years before you realise the trap you're in.

And even when you're quite aware that you're in a workaholic whirlpool of madness, you have tons of justifications, minimising statements, and pure denial that hold you stuck in place - unable to move, unable to challenge your lifestyle and change.

It was only when things were getting worse and worse and my productivity was hitting rock bottom, my health was sending me a kiss goodbye and the financial losses were significant that I moved from ''I know it's bad, but oh-well - the price of success!'' to ''I can't keep doing this - it's too costly and counterproductive!'' that I decided to stop investing in everything else but myself - until I had a formula that was bound to make me successful and healthy.

On the Path to Recovery

If you're wondering - how did I do it - how did I recover from burnout and heal my workaholism - that is no straightforward, one sentence answer that will do you miracles.

It is a process, I will not lie to you about something so serious. It takes time, money and effort.

But if you want one simple line - it is this: Start investing in yourself first!

And if you want to take on a journey and start investing in yourself for a change - I share my process and steps, as well as give you tons of carefully collected tools, insights, resources, and support in the course I created - a course that helps me still help people on this important journey - without me burning out though!

To learn more about the course - you can explore here.

Want more?

If you’re interested in learning more about addressing workaholism, feel invited to take our course Bin Burnout & Thrive - which will give you a structured path to addressing your workaholism and ending the burnout vicious cycle. In our course you’ll find two whole chapters helping couples focus on building their connection, making time for family as well as for intimacy and finding sexual fulfilment. For more information about the course and all of its chapters - visit:

And to learn more about workaholism and related topics, be sure to subscribe to our blog! We’ll continue posting new blogs on a wide variety of well-being topics covering:

  • burnout,

  • workaholism,

  • perfectionism,

  • how these lead to high turnover at companies,

  • costly errors at work, and on the more personal side of things -

  • how childhood trauma along with social structures and norms lead us to have poor work-life boundaries,

  • what are the family dynamics in workaholics’ homes,

  • how our bodies, relationships and intimate lives are affected by our working habits

  • and more….


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