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Hello, I'm Leah

I am many things, but professionally I am a psychologist, sexpert and serial entrepreneur. As a human being - I am a burnout survivor and workaholic working on it - ironically. A lover of learning, books, animals, nature and being part of communities that make a difference. 

If you follow me online I post about sex & relationships, business, burnout & wellbeing as an entrepreneur.

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My Story

Hey hey, my name is Leah, and I happen to be a psychologist and serial entrepreneur... I also happen to slip into the comfort of workaholism back in 2017 when I started planning my business. By 2018 I was deep in and as time went on I survived a few burnouts - with each getting worse and worse.

Two years later Burnout sent me an invoice - which was pretty pricey. I realised that while my brain was on fire my money were burning too - in lost productivity, silly errors, poor health, medical expenses and more.

So, I hit the road  (as a typical millennial) and researched and studied the hell out of burnout and what I needed to do, to never have to experience it again. I hacked it. And when I was back, after having walked nearly 400km on the Portuguese Camino, dozens of fellow entrepreneurs begged me to share my know-how.

I shared and shared, but couldn't continue doing it one-to-one... it was going to burn me out again haha! So well over a year later, now I want to share the know-how with many more folks who need it - in a course format. And this website is going to be the hub for good content, my recommendations for resources, useful insights, practical advice and everything in between that you may want to explore on your journey to balance - and bringing Living back into your Life.

P.S. I recommend joining the newsletter - good things are sent in it.

Connecting with me

I admit - I am not the best with emails, messages or social media; they do take a lot of energy & I am careful not to burnout, but can you blame me 😂

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