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Measure your Stress Levels [Quiz]

One of the most common things that modern people complain about is stress. What is stress?

Stress is an amalgamation of mental, emotional and physical responses that occur when an individual exceeds their perceived capacity to cope with or deal with any external stimuli.

A better understanding of how you react to different situations will help you manage them better. This can allow you to be more successful in your career, at school, and in your relationships.

Bin Burnout

This test will help you understand how different situations affect your feelings and your perceived stress level.

This quiz asks about your feelings and thoughts over the previous month. You will be asked to rate how often you felt or thought a certain way in each scenario. Although some of the questions are similar, they are distinct, and you should handle each one as such. The greatest strategy is to respond quickly. Instead of trying to count how many times you felt a certain way, choose an option that sounds like an acceptable estimation.

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