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Podcast: Surviving our Upbringing & Hustle Culture - with Rich from RAGE Works

Updated: Mar 17

Leah was a guest on the Toys & Tech of the Trade podcast by Richard Butler from RAGE Works. A great fellow entrepreneur she knows from a favourite business community of hers - ''The Underdogs'' initiated by entrepreneur Noah Kagan.

Leah & Rich discussed some of the origins of her workaholism, how much her work habits hurt her health and wellbeing and a lot more. Check out the little excerpt to have a tease and dive into the full length if you're interested to hear the full conversation. 👇

Summary: A rich and engaging conversation between the host, Rich, and the guest, Leah. Leah discusses her background, her journey through various interests and professions, and her deep dive into psychology and personal growth. The interview touches on themes of workaholism, mental health, and the impact of childhood experiences on adult life choices and behaviors.

Leah shares her personal challenges with workaholism, how it affected her health, and what steps she took to address it, including her spiritual journey and changes in her work habits. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, setting boundaries, and investing in personal growth. Leah also discusses her professional focus on sex and relationships, offering insights into common issues people face and how she approaches therapy with her clients.

The conversation is filled with personal anecdotes, professional insights, and actionable advice for listeners interested in self-improvement, mental health, and entrepreneurship. Rich and Leah discuss the importance of respecting oneself and others, the value of continuous learning, and the need for balance between work and personal life.

Overall, the summary of this podcast episode would highlight Leah's journey from a curious child to a seasoned psychologist specializing in sex and relationships, her battle with workaholism, and her insights into personal and professional growth. It would also cover the rapport and exchange of ideas between her and the host, Rich, making the episode a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their mental health and work-life balance.


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